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Absence Request Form

Any absence request form received within the two-week time frame will automatically be unexcused. No unexcused absence will be allowed at any practice that involves choreography. No unexcused absence will be allowed one week prior to competition. An excused absence is limited to mandatory school functions for a grade, school cheer, death in the family, or contagious illness which has been diagnosed by a physician and a physician’s note is provided. An example of an unexcused absence may include: not feeling well, no ride to practice, birthdays, or too much homework. A completed form doesn’t automatically excuse the absence. If any absence request is found to be false or inaccurate the athletes’ placement on the team may be jeopardized. Excessive absences both excused and unexcused could lead to removal from a competition or removal from the team at the discretion of Envy Athletics staff. 

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